Georges P. Vanier: Portrait of a Governor General


In light of the current political situation, many Canadians are probably wondering what, exactly, is the role of the Governor General. To answer this question, the NFB offers up a short documentary from 1960 entitled Georges P. Vanier: Soldier, Diplomat, Governor General.

This short film, directed by Clément Perron, clearly lays out the roles and responsibilities of the Governor General of Canada. Representing the Crown in Canada and carrying out the duties of head of State, the Governor General has traditionally presided over swearing-in ceremonies, read the Speech from the Throne and led delegations abroad.

Another key responsibility is to ensure that a prime minister and government are in place. As a result of last week’s economic update, this function is now front and centre.

These current events provide the perfect framework for watching this film and learning more about the role of the Governor General of Canada.