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Jazz and Cinema | Watch 5 Animated Films That’ll Soothe Your Soul

To mark the beginning of most major Canadian jazz festivals, we’ve put together a sampling of five of our best, animated shorts that celebrate the spirit of jazz.


Discover I Love Potatoes, our new (free!) interactive game


Discover I love potatoes, our new interactive game designed to change the world… one potato at a time.


Watch 6 films on Musical Geniuses

Enjoy a selection of films featuring six of music’s biggest names in six films that will delight your ears. Enjoy the show!


Frame x Frame | Meet Filmmaker Claude Cloutier


Enjoy an interview with award-winning cartoonist and filmmaker, Claude Cloutier, who just completed his 2 week Frame x Frame residency at the Musée de la civilisation in Quebec City.


Harry Mayerovitch | Meet the man behind the NFB’s most beautiful propaganda posters

Meet painter, architect, caricaturist, accordion player, poet, author and brilliant World War II NFB poster designer Harry Mayerovitch (1910-2004.)


The NFB and ARTE unveil 12 winners in Interactive Haiku project


Explore the 12 winning proposals in the Interactive Haiku NFB/ARTE digital art competition. How short and quick can digital storytelling get? Find out!