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My Prairie Home at Sundance—and in your living room!


It’s just like you’re at Sundance! Stream “My Prairie Home” for free online on the 26th and 27th of January.

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Filmmaker Q&A: Qallunaat! Why White People Are Funny

ReviewsThe Craft

Find out how this biting socio-political satire came to be, straight from filmmaker Mark Sandiford.

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A voyage to the Canadian countryside with the Group of Seven

ReviewsThe Craft

Explore the relationship between artist and nature in Canadian modernism through our Group of Seven documentaries.

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Mexico, Through Canada’s Eyes


“Some people undoubtedly feel drawn to Mexico as to the hidden life of man himself…” – Malcolm Lowry

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Turn of the Century: Fun, Film, and Fashion in Early Modernity


Take a trip back in time to Canada’s early modernity, and the leisure, fashion, and politics of its people.

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It’s That Time Again: 2013 Staff Picks


Don’t know what to watch? We’ve got some recommendations, and trust us: we have great taste.

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The Challenger: The Great Canadian Aviation Project

ReviewsThe Craft

This week on, take a trip through the genesis of the Canadair Challenger jet, and the film that tells this ambitious airplane’s story.

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Bing Bang Boom: on a Journey to the Playful Discovery of Sound


What’s the difference between a sound and a piece of music? A group of curious seventh graders are about to find out in this 1969 short doc.


Hidden Treasures from the Archives – A Letter from Roberto Rossellini


Gathering information from the innumerable pages of our paper archives can sometimes be a tedious task. Contracts, invoices, budgets, all kinds of correspondence… there seems to be no end to the documents available for my dissection, documents that too often are of little or no interest to anybody wanting to know more about a film. more »


Using Pink Ribbons Inc. To Discuss Cause Marketing With Post-Secondary Students


The following is a guest post by Elana Cooperberg My maternal grandmother had breast cancer. My mother has had breast cancer. I was young, still a teenager, when my grandmother was diagnosed with it. I felt detached and distant from the events that played out around me. I lived in the world of the present more »


On Track: NFB Train Films in Pictures


Aside from gondolas, better suited for bite-sized travel, trains are probably the most pleasant and picturesque way of getting from A to B. One can sleep in a train, feast in a train, daydream in a train, lulled by the rhythmic sound of train cars gliding on rails and dazzled by the scenery waltzing by. more »


The Movie That Influenced Kubrick’s 2001


Last week on the French side of, we paid homage to a few of the greatest international filmmakers of the 20th century: Godard, Rossellini, Lucas, and Herzog. Each filmmaker has greatly contributed to international cinema, but did you know all four of them were influenced by NFB films? One such film happens to be more »