Remixing Girl Talk

Brett Gaylor’s open-source documentary, RiP: A Remix Manifesto, on copyright and culture premiered last week in Montreal.

The screening was an unqualified success and now the film is headed for IDFA in Amsterdam.

The film is getting tons of advance buzz. Including Boing Boing, Pitchfork, and a bunch of other awesome blogs.

The first question everyone asks about the movie? Is it available for download?

The short answer is we hope so – as soon as the festival run is over it should be viewable online.

Also of interest:
Open Source Cinema
Etherworks: Brett Gaylor’s personal dsite

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  1. Is there any way to find a specific film that the search engine isn’t finding? I’m remembering a documentary circa 1970s of an old woman who gardened in winter, growing potatoes under straw. I’d love to watch it again.

    — Andreas,
  2. Great. Where can I watch this for free? I tried Pirate Bay and they don’t have it online yet. But, they will.

    — Watcher,

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