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And we’re live…

Welcome to, our new national online Screening Room. We’ve been hard at work for over a year to make this site a reality and we’re thrilled that the day has finally come! The Screening Room is meant to make the NFB’s collection of films accessible to all those who want to see them.

We’ll be updating each week with new titles. This week, we’ve added Carts of Darkness, Waterwalker, The Magic Lion and Lonely Boy, a film about Paul Anka’s rise to fame and the marketing machine behind a generation of pop stars.

We’ve also got a selection of playlists compiled by both our NFB experts and invited guests. These playlists include a selection of films with accompanying commentaries intended to offer added perspective.

Aside from the Screening Room, has lots to offer. Users can still access our collections pages, news stories, educational resources, our online store and much, much more. Just check out the giant footer at the bottom of the homepage for all the info.

For more information on the site and our official launch, check out our online press conference.

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  1. I can only reiterate a previous comment and say “Awesome! Thank you for making your national treasure house more publicly accessible.” I just watched The Railrodder in its entirety, having only seen “snippets” in the past. I look forward to seeing other treasures in the chest and sharing this link with my children.

    — Sally Livingston,
  2. “The Screening Room is meant to make the NFB’s collection of films accessible to all those who want to see them.”

    I agree with comment#4. We paid taxes, we shouldn’t be forced to use a proprietary streaming format with Flash or be forced to buy a DVD.

    Please make them available in the Theora format as that is the only format that is unpatented (meaning you don’t need to pay a license fee to produce or consume it).

  3. I have the same problem as D Chinnery Jan21,about half the programs cut what you,vedone here if the gliche gets fixed you may cost me my marriage.

    — colonel maclellan,
  4. Wow. Thanks for all the comments.
    @IPaid – We are working on the possibility of downloading films in the future. It’s mainly a rights issue.
    @Doug Chinnery – Yes, we had an incredible amount of traffic yesterday. Call it growing pains. But we’re back on track now. Try Carts again and let me know if you still have problems.
    @Doug Perry – Cree Hunters is already online! Check it out:

  5. Awesome! Thank you for making your national treasure house more publicly accessible. Just enjoyed watching ‘The Sweater’, Roch Carrier’s poignant childhood memoir for the first time in about twenty years!
    Will you be making Boyce Richardson’s epic ‘Cree Hunters of Mistassini’ available?

    — Doug Perry,
  6. Tried watching “Carts of Darkness” but was unable to finish. The viewer would stop, and the timer would be reset to 0:00. WTF?

    I think your app needs some work.

    — Doug Chinnery,
  7. Too much traffic, eh? Something on your end is throwing an exception and your programmer didn’t catch it. Ooops.

    I’ll try again later.

    — Doug Chinnery,
  8. As a taxpayer I already paid for part of these films so why can’t I just download them? Buying the DVD is great and all but why all the extra transactions (credit card and banking, shipping handling, waiting etc. etc.) for a physical product I don’t even know you really have ready to ship and in stock (unlike say Indigo or Amazon).

    OK OK I hear the weeping already: you can’t make it “free” because it will destroy the economics of our cultural industries! But I bet you could sell 10K copies of the cat came back, the big snit, black fly etc. (in say iPod mp4 format) for 2$ a pop in a month.

    Try it!

    — I Paid,
  9. Fantastic site! Thank you so much for all the hard work. I’m looking forward to wandering through the archives.

    — Elizabeth,
  10. Site looks great, but how come only press can ask questions at the online press conference. That’s very Web 1.0, even with the Silverlight client 😉

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