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Beta site is live – Please let us know what you think…

Beta site is live – Please let us know what you think…

Beta site is live – Please let us know what you think…

Version 2.0 of the NFB website is now live. We’d love it if you could have a look at it and send us your feedback.

For the user, the biggest change to the site is that you can now sign in and control your preferences. Once you’re registered with, you can leave comments on films, send and receive alerts and keep track of your viewing history. This will also be the basis of a lot of exciting features in the future…

Please have a look around and let us know what you think.

Here are the features changes:

  1. New home page
    • New 100% liquid, scalable layout (it adjusts to your screen width)
    • Introduction of space for the promotion of web productions
    • Reordering of the education and store spaces
    • Store space now promotes a recent DVD
    • New global footer (lean and mean)
    • New top nav bar in place for user integration
  2. New Film page
    • Reel size player (the high res format is at it’s real size)
    • Introducing user comments
    • Better featured share and buy buttons
    • Introducing the number of plays for each films
    • Introducing the education tab with study guides (when available the tab appears)
    • Introducing film stills and posters
    • Introducing screenings on the film page
    • Introducing web productions promotional space
    • Introducing play in a pop-up window feature
    • The recommend feature is now an “I like” (à la Facebook)
  3. User integration
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  1. @Thomas – Thanks!
    You are the clever one for finding that out! Actually, this panel is only at its first stage of development. In the near future we will add controls buttons that will enable the user to scroll through the items (Because having hidden items on a webpage is not very good practice).

    As for HTML 5 we are very excited about it but as a federal agency we have to be as accessible as possible and we must follow XHTML 1.1

  2. @Thomas – I asked Stephane, our lead programmer – about the choice to use XHTML, he said it was because html 5 is still unsupported by many browsers. We’re definitely keeping a close eye on it though and will upgrade as soon as everyone is ready…

  3. I like this beta site much more. Great improvements. You can go live, it’s fine with me.

    — halftown,
  4. Wonderful documentary. Emigrated to Canada in 1952, lived in Montreal for 29 years. This film brought back stong feelings, lots of memories and the smell of freshly backed bagel.
    A treat for a 85 year old great grandmother. Thank you

  5. The selection of films on Canadian art is very limited.

    Wish there were more>

    — Michael Weinberg,
  6. The new site looks great! I completely love the liquid layout and it works so well.

    The films list that shows only 2 rows of items is clever… took me a second to figure out how you were doing that–of course overflow:hidden with extra items.

    What was your reasoning for choosing XHTML Transitional over HTML5?

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