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Filmmaker Bill Mason inducted into Whitewater Hall of Fame

Next month, famed filmmaker and canoeing enthusiast Bill Mason will be inducted into the Whitewater Hall of Fame in Bryson City, North Carolina.

Mason, who passed away in 1988, worked with the NFB on a series of films about the art of canoeing, films made passionately on a subject that was close to his heart. And that passion shows. By weaving observations on nature and religion into his films, they’ve taken on a life of their own and have developed a cult following over the years.

When we launched this site back in January, the majority of people who sent in comments included requests for Mason’s films to be put online. Not only did we oblige, but Albert OHayon, a devoted Mason fan, even put together a playlist of his films that includes lots of behind-the-scenes info.

In honour of Mason, take the time to enjoy his last feature film, Waterwalker:

What’s your favourite Bill Mason film?

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  1. I remember getting a phone call from Bill telling me he was quitting film making. I asked why? He said he was tired of all the distributors making all the money off the films while the artists got little for their efforts. I replied, “Bill, no one is going to remember the name of a film distributor! ” And look how his name is remembered and revered these days. I sure miss him.
    Ralph Frese

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