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Sneak Peek: The creation of a 3D animated short film

The following is a guest post by Megan Turnbull, as part of the Hothouse 6 program.


Here we are, already two-thirds done the Hothouse 6 animation apprenticeship. I wish I had had more time to tell you all about it, but the process is quite intensive. One month left and still a million ends to tie up.

Below are some photos of my process & work from the past 2 months:


The film is called Unlaced-Délaçé. It takes place in-between the annoying reminders of a cold reality.


Unlaced is a story told in first person POV. The camera is the character’s eyes, therefore only video of the character’s hands and feet were shot in the live action green screen shoot.


The set is made entirely of paper. Paper cars, paper plants, paper snow, paper paper! It is a canvas for our perceived or imagined views of the world.

Tomorrow is the Foley and sound mix session. I am quite excited to be able to hear my piece come to life with whatever interesting objects the foley artist uses to make noise. I should also take this chance to tell you how neat it is to see my paper world on a big screen in S3D! It really gives a strange sensation of being there immersed in a paper place.

This last month is going to fly by, with all the pieces left to put together and output steps to complete. I have learned so much in these past 2 months everything seems a blur (or maybe it’s just blurry from repeatedly watching my work/trials in S3D!). I will be sure to post another entry when Unlaced is all tied up.

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