How to finance your short film

Back in June, we held a session at our Montreal headquarters on How to Finance Your Short Film as part of the Hothouse 6 emerging filmmaker program. It was a panel discussion comprised of 1 filmmaker and 3 funding agency representatives (Canada Council for the Arts, Bravo!FACT and the Independent Media Arts Alliance).

When I tweeted about the session at the time, I received several requests to put the session up online. It took a little while, but here it is.


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  1. I have short animation movie idea It’s two or three minutes movie and It’s about earth n human, need a finance r who produce it

  2. Just go out and make your films! Don’t wait for these people to approve your art.

    — arty farty,
  3. @Florencia: I’m sorry, I don’t have the resources you’re looking for, but perhaps there are some transferable ideas in the video presented in this post.

    — Julie Matlin,
  4. Hi, Julie!

    My name is Florencia. The reason why I got to this blog is that we´re just starting to look for financing for a 12 chapter animation film for kids my partner and I want to make. We´ve already created a story, and have started to develop the puppets (as we´re going to use stop motion technique). The thing is here, in Argentina, there is no stop motion professional market, but it´s getting to be very popular by some particular new stop motion films published.
    We´ve always dreamt to make one with my partner, we met in a stop motion curse.

    So, we´re obviously looking for financing help. I´m the one that knows english so I´m making some research outside our country.

    I don´t know if you can help me with some information, if you know if there is any Program or organization that may bring some help to us.


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