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Friday staff pick: Cry of the Wild

Cry of the Wild, Bill Mason, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

I saw Cry of the Wild as a teenager in the early 1970s at a movie theatre in Montreal. The film was talked about everywhere. There were TV , radio and newspaper ads promoting this fascinating documentary on wolves in the wild. All the kids in my neighbourhood were excited to go see it. On the same bill was a 20 minute short on the legendary Sasquatch.

Who could ask for more?

The weekend it came out, my  brother and I took two city buses and made our way to Cinema 2001 to see the film.

We were both blown away by the beauty of the images and a wonderful message of the harmony of nature (years ahead of its time). I remember being fascinated by how Bill Mason managed to shoot this film in bitter Arctic temperatures and coming to the sad realization that a wolf in captivity can never survive on its own in the wild.

It is no coincidence that 35 years later, Bill Mason is one of my favourite NFB filmmakers. His love of nature and his dedication to preserving it are infectious. Sadly Bill Mason is no longer with us but his great films live on.

I invite you to watch this enchanting film that became the highest grossing NFB film ever (over $5 million theatrically in North America) and that had such a profound effect on me. Enjoy.

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  1. Its nice to slow down to the speed of life, and take in the outside world for a while

    — Dick Preston,

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