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Hothouse 7: Take That, Fat Cat!

Hothouse 7: Take That, Fat Cat!

Hothouse 7: Take That, Fat Cat!

The following is a guest post by Candace Couse.

Today Jelena (editor) put together a presentation for the group on her role in our films. It was impressive to see how she transforms a story from something inexplicable to an ascertainable narrative that relays itself from start to finish.

I was supposed to meet with her at some point following the presentation, but after being schooled for an hour or so, I decided that I would postpone our meeting until I have developed my storyboard to a more acceptable state. I had visions of my storyboard in its current state becoming the demo she would use for years to come when demonstrating a disaster!

So I’m off to reinvent my animatic, but first:

My dog Charlie requested that I include this photo of him in response to the one posted in Tabitha’s most recent post.

Whether Charlie has succumbed to Fat Cat’s seductions and is attempting a connection, or is simply endeavouring to engage Mr. Fat Cat in a deadly game of one-upmanship, is truly beyond me.  One thing I am sure of: if I had refused him I would certainly see a spike in Charlie’s not-so-secret Cheerio stockpiling compulsion, as he has never taken rejection well.

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