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Sidebar banners now available for Pink Ribbons, Inc.

Sidebar banners now available for Pink Ribbons, Inc.

Sidebar banners now available for Pink Ribbons, Inc.

[The image above features members of the IV League, a stage 4 cancer support group based in Austin, Texas.]

On February 3, our new documentary Pink Ribbons, Inc. opens in theatres across Canada. The film deals with how breast cancer has become the poster child for cause-related marketing campaigns and the effect this has had on the disease, the search for the cure and, of course, those afflicted with the disease itself.

Over the past month we have held a few advance screenings of the film, and the reaction to date has been overwhelmingly supportive. In fact, we’ve gotten requests from some websites and bloggers for a banner they could use in their sidebars, and we were happy to oblige.

Below you will find our banner in 2 different sizes, 125 x 125 px, and 150 x 150 px. The code can be found directly below the images. Please feel free to grab one for your own website or blog. If you have any trouble with it, please leave us a comment in the comment section below.

Watch Pink Ribbons, inc.

  1. Hello,

    My sister was recently diagnosed with Stage 2 B breast cancer postpartum. She has had a double mastectomy and just had her second of 6 chemos on Friday. Radiation starts after Christmas. We have organized a relief fund to help her with the extra cost and are throwing a silent auction/huge fundraiser for her. The venue is willing to donate 10% of the proceeds from sales that night to a cause of our choice….Awesome! My sister and I watched your film together. Now facing the task of picking an ethical donation beneficiary, I was wondering if the Pink Ribbons Inc. team knows of any based on your work for this film. Also is there anyway we could get a copy of the film as a door prize for our event? thank you!

    — Brittney,
  2. I want to know how I can become an activist to stop the commercializing of breast cancer. I would like to know the websites of the organized protests mentioned in the film, the email addresses of the companies that are ripping off women’s tragedies for profit and those that are standing up and truly trying to help. I have stage 4 lymphoma, and while it isn’t as “popular” a cause as breast cancer, I can understand the frustration and even fury of those of us who watch fundraisers that don’t help us, don’t further coordinated research and only – at best – look for marketing advantages by endorsing “pink” efforts, and – at worst – actually make money by selling both treatments and the poisons that create the disease. This documentary infuriated me, and I want to make a real difference. Where can I find the names and addresses of the villains and the good guys in this issue?

    — Janet Wencer,
  3. I’m also having difficulty adding to sidebar…copying code to widget, but image isn’t there…

    1. That’s bizarre. Please ensure that when you paste the code, there are no spaces between characters. I’ll test it again on my end as well. Thanks for point it out.

  4. I entered the code for the 150ppi square banner in my WordPress blog, but it just showed up as “Watch in blue and no graphic. I tried editing it in “visual” mode as well as “html” and in visual, a broken graphic link shows up for the sidebar. I have tried now both the smaller and larger sidebars, and both give the same result. See for yourself at What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

    1. Hi Paula: The banner is for your sidebar, not the body of the blog. If you go to the “Appearance/Widgets” section on your dashboard and select the Text widget, you can copy and paste the code in there. Please let me know if you have any other trouble. And thanks so much for the support!

  5. Can you please provide a larger banner, perhaps a 300 x 300, to add to my sidebar that will surely grab attention vs a small banner that can easily be missed? Please respond via email, thank you for the work you’re doing. P.S. if you happen to be working on a “blog tour” of submitting a guest article/interview about the documentary to raise awareness about the film, I would like my site to be involved. Is there any way possible to receive a dvd in order to do a review on the site? Please contact me; I’d like to be involved/included in such a blog tour. Thank you!

    1. Hi Lin: We’re working on that 300 x 300 banner for you. I sent you an email reply as well.

  6. I would be interested in putting it in my google + page. What are the steps for this? Thank you.

    — al,
    1. We’re working on it. We’ll get right back to you.

    2. @Al – Thanks to you, we’ve inaugurated our Google + page. You can share the side banner right here:

      — Julie Matlin,
    1. do you know when it will be playing in thunder bay on

      — jeannette,
    2. We’re not scheduled to open in Thunder Bay, but there’s a Film Circuit group there and the film will be traveling with the TIFF Film Circuit. You can ask them to book the film. Please email me if you need contact info. j.matlin[at]

      — Julie Matlin,
  7. @Laurie – Hmmm. It’s been successfully embedded on other blogs. I’ll contact you via email.

  8. Hi Julie! I can’t seem to make either banner work. I don’t know any html but I’ve never had any trouble dropping banners into my sidebar before. Not sure if the trouble is on my end or yours…

  9. @Kathy – Yes, the film will be released in the US in early spring. Check back for details.

  10. When will it be released in the US? I work in breast cancer and have always been suspect of all the pink….especially in October. This film desperately needs to be released here. Hope there are plans for that.

    — Kathy Powers,

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