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The Lockout Sweater, by This Hour Has 22 Minutes

The Lockout Sweater, by This Hour Has 22 Minutes

The Lockout Sweater, by This Hour Has 22 Minutes

We Canadians are a resilient people. We stoically endure winter. We deal with ridiculously short, mosquito-rich summers. But one thing that is starting to exhaust our collective mojo is this endless NHL lockout, which bewilderingly reached Day 88 today.

Eighty-eight days! That is so long that even traditional hockey widows, initially thrilled by the lack of competition for their husband’s attention, are finding their men so surly and woebegone that they too, have started praying for a hasty resolution to the conflict.

Not everyone, however, have let themselves slide into bottomless despondence and apathy. Our good friends at the CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes have taken up arms against a sea of sorrows and given a NFB cult classic, The Sweater, a timely (and funny) make-over to remember.

Check it out here, as well as the well-loved original, below.

The Sweater, Sheldon Cohen, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

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  1. Unchain the rink & trash the lockout sweater. We’re going to have hockey (It’s about time)

    — James Pearn,
  2. Leave it to Canadians to parody Canadians!
    Great work everyone!

    — Joseph Poirier,
  3. Thanks so much! ‘The Sweater’ was one of the key films that inspired me to become an animator, so when this project came up I was pinching myself. I’m deeply flattered by your comments, and really happy that the clip is being so well received.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Dylan. We *loved* what you did.

      — Julie Matlin,
  4. I worked alongside (though not with) Sheldon Cohen throughout the production of The Sweater. Who did the animation? They really got the style down perfectly! Bravo! So funny!

    1. Janet – See below. 🙂

      — Julie Matlin,

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