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Mark World Refugee Day with 19 Days

Mark World Refugee Day with 19 Days

Mark World Refugee Day with 19 Days

Imagine having just 19 days to resettle your entire family in a brand-new country. It’s a scary thought for most, but a startling reality for every refugee that lands in Canada.

June 20 is World Refugee Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of the situation of refugees throughout the world.

Mark the occasion with 19 Days, our brand-new short documentary that takes a unique look at the global migration crisis to reveal the human side of the refugee resettlement process.

19 Days, Asha Siad & Roda Siad, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

The short film, co-directed by sisters Asha and Roda Siad, follows several refugee families during their first 19 days in Canada (an assessment period established by the federal government), as they navigate an unfamiliar terrain that has suddenly become their home.

Jovana Jankovic sat down with the co-directors. Take a listen (15m30s):

About the filmmakers

co-director Asha Siad


Asha Siad is a journalist and documentary filmmaker who founded Borderless Films with her sister, Roda, in 2013. A passionate multimedia storyteller, Asha shares under-reported stories that expand the dialogue around pressing issues and allow people to connect with the world in a more meaningful way.

co-director Roda Siad





Roda Siad is a documentary filmmaker who employs media as a tool for advocacy. In 2013, she joined forces with her sister, Asha, to establish Borderless Films, an independent production company that promotes social change through creative storytelling.



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  1. Beautiful film
    And i love canada ,
    We comes every year in your country ,
    And we are just back from BC And Alberta
    I. Like that films and documantaires from the fugitive countrys
    I feel much sorry too war fugitives
    May you country also help much of this people
    And may GOD blessed you all


    — Klaas prins,
  2. Beautiful and brave Sentient Beings! Sending them all warm wishes for a safe and happy life in Canada. Also sending warm wishes that all Sentient Beings live in a world filled with love, compassion, knowledge, good health, safe drinking water, education and all are allowed to discover their inner beauty to help them through tumultuous times because as we all know, everyone’s life path has much sorrow and even when our own personal life may seem happy, it is impossible to be truly happy while being surrounded by a sea of misery. Loving kindness is the shortcut to happiness. I wish all these brave refugees loving kindness.

    — Benita Silas,

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