Ever wonder what it’s like to be 105 years old?


A Sunday at 105, Daniel Léger, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

For the past few years, Tremplin has been one of the NFB’s initiatives to seek out and support emerging filmmakers from French minority communities in Canada. Daniel Léger, a young aspiring filmmaker from Acadia, answered the call. In 2007, he made a short little film about his great-grandmother, a 105 year old woman who simply goes about her daily life while sharing her views on sex, politics and religion.

There are a few things that struck me about this film. First off, her obsession with playing cards fascinated me (watch closely – you’ll see them everywhere) and her views on men are  hysterical. At one point she says, “I always wanted to be a man because I felt that men didn’t have to work very hard.” Awesome.

But perhaps the most astonishing thing about this film is the success that it’s enjoyed. As of yesterday, this little gem became our #1 viewed film on the site since our launch last January. At well over 78,000 views it has surpassed the previous record holder, Carts of Darkness.

Think about it. This film has been seen on the site more times than The Big Snit and The Cat Came Back. More times than The Log Driver’s Waltz!

Is it our obsession with aging? The novelty of hearing a centenarian talk about sex? Her take on conservative politics? I’m honestly not sure. But take a look and tell me what you think.

If nothing else, the film proves that life can still be good at 105.