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Wow! What a turnout…

On January 21, we had the official launch for We invited everyone to come check us out and wow…what a response! The reaction from the media and the general public has been astounding, and we couldn’t be more appreciative.

Due to the unprecedented increase in traffic, we’ve been experiencing some growing pains. We knew our numbers would increase and of course we were prepared, but the volume of traffic was higher than we could have possibly anticipated. As a result, we had a few technical problems. But we’re working hard and everything’s back on track now.

So thanks for your patience and thanks to all those who took the time to write in. I expect there might be a few more kinks to work out, but rest assured we’re on top of it.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this animated short from Richard Condie (The Big Snit). It’s sure to put a smile on your face…

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  1. ‘Getting Started’ – what an apropos way for the site launch, and I cannot be more thankful for this wonderful opportunity to reconnect not only to the the wealth of uniquely Canadian material but my past fond experiencing of it.

    — Jin,
  2. It is great to search your film library. So many memories of films that I have seen over my half century. One film, that I have never seen, brings back vivid memories of a summer vacation vsiting family in Nova Scotia. “The Cape Islander” I remember visiting a boat shop, in my father’s hometown of Clarks Harbour, in the 60’s as a youth. I can still remember the smell of fresh cut wood, the noise of construction. Thank you my National Film Board. Keep up the good work. Mike.

    — Mike Nickerson,
  3. Wow!! What a brilliant idea to put your films online for free. I’ve been telling all my family, friends and co-workers! A great means to preview films before buying them. I love being able to go back to see films I remember as a child like the Log Driver’s Waltz, The Sweater and The Big Snit (a fav!), as well as, more contemporary films like Carts of Darkness, which I really enjoyed. I will be visiting daily!! Many thanks for making Canadian culture so accessible!

    — M. O'Donnell,
  4. Hey guys…great job! Congrats.

    — Alex,
  5. Everything seems to be working fine today. Thanks for all your hard work to get this stuff up!

    — Doug Chinnery,
  6. Great site. I was so shocked to see a documentary on my father’s ship (HMCS Port Arthur)one of three he served on in WW2. Wish he had lived to see it. Also loved the film ‘Seven Brides for Uncle Sam’. The sad thing remains that most Canadians do not see most of the NFB programs unless they are shown on CBC from time to time. Now we can pick and chose from your site…Wonderful!

    — Dave Banfield,
  7. We’ve just moved back to Canada this month, after many years abroad: what a wonderful way to both celebrate our return and to reacquaint ourselves with Canada’s unique culture! Thanks NFB, for the memories, for the new pleasures, and for making this all available!

    — K Johnson,
  8. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful canadian films. Makes me proud to be Canadian.

    — Susan,

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