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Battling over the Plains of Abraham

Almost 250 years ago, the fate of America was set during a brief but defining moment in the history of Canada – the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. Right outside the walls of Quebec City, the confrontation between the British and French armies involved less than 10,000 soldiers but was a major force in determining the fate of New France and the later founding of Canada.

As the 250th anniversary draws near, this battle has once again taken centre stage. With the recent decision of the National Battlefields Commission to cancel the planned re-enactment of the famous battle this summer, controversy has broken out on both sides of the debate.

To offer some perspective on the original battle and how it contributed to the shaping of Canada’s history, take the time to watch Jacques Godbout’s film, The Fate of America. Just before the current debate broke out, we put this film online as part of our tribute to Quebec City’s 400th anniversary. Intended simply to celebrate this momentous occasion, the film now serves the double purpose of educating and enlightening us as well.

In the film, Godbout joins playwright René-Daniel Dubois on the treacherous terrain of history for an ironic, humourous and moving personal account of the past. As an added bonus, the film also features Baron Georges Savarin de Marestan and Andrew Wolfe-Burroughs – both direct descendants of Montcalm and Wolfe.

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  1. This is a very fine piece of Canadian art. Thank you.

    — Dina Jackson,
  2. I was prepaired to watch the fate of America but it would not streem past the thirteen minuint mark-13:48 apx. i think the canclation of the reanactment is giving into treeiost and thouse who have a need to twist reality and history to there mindset. i have a neighbour who worked on the Aro restration progect is this a statment of the mistakes of the past ? I watched the movie about the Arow was I engaging in anti Difenbaker or anti conservitive? History needs to be rembered . There was a ship called the MHS Euridice its sinking was witnessed all hands died; but who rembmbers?

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