Montreal World Film Festival

So the Montreal World Film Festival is underway!

For those of you in the city, we’ve got 5 world premieres at this year’s festival: The Man Who Slept, A Monk’s Secret, Celebrating Chiac, Part 2, Land of the Heads and Vive la Rose.

There’s also the Cinema Under the Stars, a series of outdoor screenings taking place at the Place de Festival by the Place des Arts. In addition to a bunch of animated classics from the NFB, they’ll also be presenting films like The Doors (Oliver Stone), Gladiator (Ridley Scott) and North by Northwest (Alfred Hitchcock). It’s a great opportunity to catch up on some excellent films…for free.

The World Film Festival runs from August 27 – September 7. For more information about the festival, visit their website.

For more information about our 5 films, visit the NFB’s WFF page.

And if you go to the September 5 screening of Land of the Heads, come say hi. You know I’ll be there…

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