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Celebrating 75 years of cinema history with a pretty cool timeline

Celebrating 75 years of cinema history with a pretty cool timeline

Celebrating 75 years of cinema history with a pretty cool timeline

This past May 2, 2014, the NFB celebrated its 75th anniversary. Want to know more about the history of this venerable cinematic institution? We’ve cooked up a delightful and informative timeline which collects many of our most notable milestones.

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NFB 75th - timeline

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  1. No Challenge for Change? That program solidified Canada’s international reputation as the producer of socially aware documentary films.
    Also there is no mention of the NFB’s long and influential history producing educational media and training teachers and students on how to create and share their own stories using multimedia.

    — Carolyn Steele,
  2. The Cat Came Back was my introduction to NFB animation classics; I shared it with my grandson and he then shared the link with one of his elementary school teachers. She pulled it up for the entire class to enjoy and it was an instant hit down here in The Big Mitten. Happy 75th Anniversary!

  3. Great timeline and helpful in remembering who did what, when. If You Love This Planet & Not a Love Story should have been named!

    — Denise Minick,
  4. What a fun timeline! I did not know that the NFB produced the world’s first full-color 3D IMAX film. One more thing for us to brag about 😉

    And who doesn’t love The Big Snit? A classic.

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