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Interactive Doc Do Not Track to Launch at Tribeca’s Storyscapes

Interactive Doc Do Not Track to Launch at Tribeca’s Storyscapes

Interactive Doc Do Not Track to Launch at Tribeca’s Storyscapes

It’s a question that touches each and every web user―billions of people around the world. How are you being tracked and sold online?

In the digital documentary series Do Not Track, users will be able to find out, as they share their online ID for a personalized experience and discover how their data is being collected, stored and used.

Do Not Track is one of just 5 works selected for the 2015 edition of Storyscapes, an annual transmedia showcase at the Tribeca Film Festival, running from April 16–19. Storyscapes is featuring the first 2 episodes of this pioneering 7-part series, which premieres online April 14.

Conceived and directed by award-winning Canadian documentary filmmaker and web producer Brett Gaylor, this collaborative project brings together public media broadcasters, journalists, developers, graphic designers and independent media makers from different parts of the world.

Each episode of Do Not Track explores one aspect of how the modern web is increasingly a space where users’ movements, speech and identities are recorded and tracked. From our mobile phones to social networks, targeted advertising to big data, each episode has a different focus, a different voice and a different look.

A team of authors and directors have worked on different episodes: Vincent Glad, Zineb Dryef, Richard Gutjahr, Sandra Rodriguez, Virginie Raisson and AKUFEN. Do Not Track is produced by Paris-based production company Upian; the National Film Board of Canada; French/German public broadcaster Arte; and German public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk. Radio-Canada is the Canadian broadcaster.

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