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Photo Friday | Bill Mason’s Face of the Earth

Photo Friday | Bill Mason’s Face of the Earth

Photo Friday | Bill Mason’s Face of the Earth

Canadian naturalist Bill Mason (1929-1988) was somewhat of a magician.

Best known for his iconic works on canoeing and wolves, Mason dedicated his life to making films that celebrate the beauty and grace of our natural world.

In Face of the Earth (1975), he turned his lens on dramatic mountain ranges and unusual volcanoes to explore our planet’s outer layer.

Here are some majestic photos from the production, shot by Bill Mason himself.

If anyone could brings rocks to life, it was Bill. Enjoy them below.

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  1. Historical narratives are what most viewers enjoy. Northern Canadian people, their challenges, customs, conflicts and achievements are what we want.
    Don’t give us an liberation stuff.

    — Hans,
  2. Purchased and read Fire In the Bones many years ago. I love canoeing and kayaking in Cape Breton Island. Bill has always been an inspiration and was a national treasure.

    — Brian Gallivan,

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