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10 New Films about Canada’s Wild Frontier

We’ve uploaded ten new films in the last couple weeks. The over-arching theme seems to be Canada as a wild frontier. These films explore Canada’s relationship with nature and the past with an emphasis on conservation and sustainability.

It’s fascinating to see how our general view of nature changes over the years.

Here’s an overview:

The Enduring Wilderness (1963)
A scenic tour of Canada’s national parks, from the mountains of British Columbia to the sea-swept shores of Newfoundland.

Small Smoke At Blaze Creek (1971)
A look at some of the contemporary methods of forest-firefighting in British Columbia.

Waterfowl – A Resource in Danger (1964)
A short documentary about conserving various species of waterfowl in the prairies.

Earth to Mouth (2002)
Yung Chang’s meditative portrait of a Chinese farm in Southern Ontario.

River With a Problem (1961)
A film about water pollution, using the Ottawa river as a test case.

The Days of Whiskey Gap (1961)
A stunning historical doc by Colin Low about the origins of the Mounted Police.

A Great White Bird (1976)
A documentary about the endangered whooping crane.

In Search of the Bowhead Whale (1974)
A pan-Canadian mission to find the bowhead whale, whose population was once endangered due to overhunting.

Atonement (1970)
Not the historical drama by Ian Mckewan – this documentary is about threatened species everywhere – from the polar bear to the whooping crane.

Another Side of the Forest (1974)
A look at the methods of the Canadian forestry industry in the 1970s.

Epilogue (1971)
A short filmic collage of “life on earth.”

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