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Got a favourite NFB film? We’d love to put it online…


To prepare for our launch last January, our in-house film experts (aka collection analysts) Albert Ohayon and Marc St-Pierre selected a large number of NFB films to be included in the online Screening Room. Over the past months, we’ve been adding these titles to the site (about 3-5 per week) and will continue to do so through the summer months.

Being experts in their field, Albert and Marc were very organized in their approach, ensuring that there was a balance between new releases and old classics. They wanted to be sure that there was a good representation of the collection‘s content on a wide variety of topics. Their meticulous approach paid off huge – we now have a wonderful collection of films online for everyone to enjoy.

But now that we have a solid foundation to build on, we need your help.

We’re asking all of you to submit the titles of your favourite NFB films, the ones you’d like to see in the Screening Room. We cannot guarantee that all of the films will be included in this round of programming (September/October 2009) because sometimes the rights (read: legal red tape) pose a problem. However, we’re here to serve you and there’s no better way for us to do that than to include your favourites on the site.

So over the next few months, please send me your suggestions via the comment box on this blog and I’ll forward the titles to our experts. I know you all have your favourites, I just can’t wait to see what they are.

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  1. I would love to see the series “a kid’s view of canada” on line. While somewhat outdated, it provides an interesting perspective on Canada from nine year olds’ points of view. It would be an excellent resource for teachers and students. Thank you.

    — Barb,
    1. Hi Barb, unfortunately this film will not be available online anytime soon due to rights issues. Thanks for your inquiry.

    2. Are these two videos available for loan?

      — Barb,
  2. I’d really like to see the documentary called “Toronto Jazz”. Apparently this film features Lenny Breau. Thanks

    — Jeremy,
  3. Please, please, please put the documentary “Kid Nerd” online.

    — Alden,
  4. Vancouver schools would really benefit from having the feeling yes and feeling no title available streaming, samee for the classic animation without words rights from the heart.

  5. “La veillée des veillées” by Bernard Gosselin!

    — Glenn,
  6. Thanks for adding Arthur Lipsett’s “Very Nice, Very Nice”, “21-87” and “A Trip Down Memory Lane”.

    Could you please add “Free Fall” and “Fluxes” to the NFB website? Lipsett needs wider recognition and his films are very difficult to see.

    I’m DYING for a Lipsett DVD set that includes all of his films.

    — Paul,
  7. I would love to see “How Wings Are Attached to the Backs of Angels” (1996) again.

    — beth,
  8. Also, “Feeling Yes, Feeling No”. Any child of the 80’s will remember this series….

    — Lea N.,
  9. @Skip Yue – We’re on it. Thanks.
    @Mark – Bate’s Car is coming up in July.
    @P McInnis, @Allan Kroeker – Canada’s Sweetheart and Games of the XXI Olympiad are not looking likely. Serious rights issues that can’t be resolved.
    @Luthien – Up the Yangtze might be a while, but it is going to be broadcast on May 3 on CBC. See more details here.

  10. I’d love to see more of Don Owen (“Notes for a Film about Donna and Gail,” “Runner,” “Toronto Jazz,” etc.).
    Also: “Quebec-USA,” “Les Montrealistes,” “Stravinsky” and as someone already mentioned, “Labyrinth.” Norman McLaren’s “Spheres,” too. Among less frequently seen stuff, I have heard that Don Shebib made interesting documentaries for the national film board in the mid-60s, and I have never seen them. So, those too. Thank you!

    — Mark,
  11. This is probably too recent of a film, but I’d like to see the full Up the Yangtze on here, not just the trailer.

    — Luthien,

    — Allan Kroeker,
  13. DREAMLAND by Donald Brittain

    — Allan Kroeker,
  14. Please consider adding Donald Brittain’s docu-drama
    “Canada’s Sweetheart”

    — P McInnis,
  15. I would love to see “Alain Dubreuil, Alchemist” up on the site.
    Every film I’ve watched has been a treat. Thanks for having so many available online! Amazing!

    — julia,
  16. “Bate’s Car: Sweet as a Nut”.
    A great film from 1974 for all of the tree huggers out there.

    We have the answer… and have had for 35 years!

    — Mark,
  17. Wonderful resource. I was disappointed not to find any gay films, however. I know they must be in your archives. Please include some.

    — Skip Yue,
  18. I totally, totally second Rouli-Roulant… one of my most favourite shorts ever. Ever ever ever.

  19. Also, “Regards sur l’occultisme” part 1 and 2. (Perfect for Halloween!)

    — Lea N.,
  20. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE post “Carried Away”.

    — Brent,
  21. “Bing Bang Boom.”

    I always want to show people this film to show how school could be.

    — Aaron Levere,
  22. Also, “La Faim” by Peter Foldès and “Caroline” by Georges Dufaux and Clément Perron.

    — Lea N.,
  23. “Rouli-Roulant” and “Knowing to Learn/Comment savoir” by Claude Jutra.

    — Lea N.,
  24. My vote is for “Devil at Your Heels”.

    — Scott,
  25. I also love the big snit! and the cat came back. But my fave is ‘my grandmother ironed the king’s shirts’, a cartoon about a woman who irons the shirts for the king of norway. 🙂

    — anna,
  26. Modulo, and (ok it will be really small, but it’s so important) the 5-screens-in-a-cross-shape reduction print of “Labyrinth”. I remember watching those back when you leant 16mm… 🙁 and thank you for Balablok and Getting Started, already up… oh yeah: Martin Barry’s Juke Bar! (I saved 13 35mm prints of it from your Toronto garbage… 7 prints of Le Sweater… Cat came back, etc…)

  27. REW-FFWD by Denis Villeneuve !

    — halftown,
  28. …easily “THE BIG SNIT”!!!! The classic animated short that prompted me to start using my brain so many years ago, and I haven’t stopped since.

    An honourable mention must go out to “City Limits”, the 1971 documentary following the late Jane Jacobs, a personal hero of mine!

  29. film choice – very nice, very nice

    — Rita Cassiani-Greco,

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