Tagged: How privacy became a commodity

This year, we released a film called Tagged, a short documentary about a hipster who implanted himself with an RFID chip.

The film appealed to me on a few different levels – the geek factor, the ick factor (yes, there’s graphic imagery of a down and dirty “surgical implantation”), but most importantly, the way it dealt with notions of privacy.

Privacy is a hot topic – especially on the web. We’ve all read the countless Facebook stories, debated about whether the notion of privacy is a generational concern and many of us are even familiar with the whole concept of RFID tagging. But the short 2-minute clip I posted above really captures the essence of the debate from all sides.

I highly recommend viewing the entire film. I’m not sure when (or if) it will be available in the screening room, but you can order a copy of the DVD from our online store.

And for those of you still stuck on the “down and dirty surgical implant,” here you go:

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