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Teacher Resources for 2021-22 – School Subjects (Secondary)

Teacher Resources for 2021-22 – School Subjects (Secondary)

Teacher Resources for 2021-22 – School Subjects (Secondary)

Already prepping for the upcoming school year? Overwhelmed with the amount of content available out there? Look no further!

For this post, we’re providing educational resources for 10 of the most popular school subjects in Canadian curriculums. Below are helpful blogs, playlists, mini-lessons, and films that’re filled with discussions,  questions, and activities that you can use in your classroom—whether it be online or in person!

For primary school subjects, please click here: Teacher Resources for 2021-22 – School Subjects (Primary)


PLAYLIST: Dance and film at the NFB

MINI-LESSON: Expressions of Creativity

FILM: The Portrait


PLAYLIST: Films About Disability Inclusion (Ages 15+)




PLAYLIST: Sexual Health Education for Secondary Students

BLOG POST: Coping with COVID and the Classroom: Tips from Dr. Tamara Soles

MINI-LESSON: A Delicate Balance


PLAYLISTS: Provinces and Territories Playlist


PLAYLIST: Orange Shirt Day

BLOG POST: Supreme Law | Engage Students with an Interactive Website on Canada’s Constitution

MINI-LESSON: The Rose Family


PLAYLIST: Indigenous Cinema in the Classroom (Ages 15+)

MINI-LESSON: Birth of a Family

FILM: nîpawistamâsowin: We Will Stand Up


PLAYLIST: Short Films to Use in the FSL Classroom

BLOG POST: 5 Short Films to Use in the ESL Classroom

FILM: A Sunday at 105


Media Literacy blog post

PLAYLIST: Makers and Creators

BLOG POST: Media Literacy: The Key 21st-Century Competency

FILM: Angry Inuk


PLAYLIST: Films for Change

MINI-LESSON: Space School – Astrogeology

BLOG POST: Agence: Redefining the Film Experience


PLAYLIST: Canada at War Series

PLAYLIST: Contemporary Voices: Films for Global Education

BLOG POST: Learn About the Japanese Internment Using Augmented Reality


CAMPUS is the NFB Education subscription-based VOD service. In addition to the rich collection of free mini-lessons, playlists, and blog posts currently available on, a CAMPUS subscription includes:

  • Access to over 6,000 films and interactive productions;
  • Exclusive access to over 1,000 educational films and new releases;
  • One of the world’s largest collections of Indigenous films;
  • Thematic playlists curated by Canadian teachers;
  • A clip creator to select your favourite scenes from NFB films;
  • The ability to create and share playlists with students;
  • Hundreds of teaching guides;
  • Digital mini-lessons that use inquiry-based learning;
  • The ability to search the NFB catalogue by school subject;
  • MARC records to make our collection discoverable through library search system;
  • 100% Canadian content in both English and French.

Click here to find out if you have a subscription | Sign-in to CAMPUS.

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