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Animation Studios: Open House News and Photos


*This text was translated from French On Monday afternoon, the NFB invited the public to its Animation Open House. If you couldn’t make it, now is your chance to read up about it and have a look at the photos! We visited six animation studios in all: three in the French Program and three in


Hoisted by my own petard


The following is a guest post by Gregory Labute. After years of being a software developer specializing in tools for animation, I finally get to see first hand what all the fuss is about. I am currently in the thick of Hothouse 6 – writing, directing, and animating my very own 3D stereocopic movie using


A sneak peek inside our 3D lab at the NFB, Part 2

Last Friday, I posted the first half of an interview with Maral Mohammadian. This is Part 2. Julie Matlin: How does the StereoLab work? Do you have people coming in from outside to experiment, or is it just people working within the NFB? Maral Mohammadian: Well, it’s not an autonomous production facility. It consists of


A sneak peek inside our 3D lab at the NFB

With the addition of 3D films to, I thought I’d take the opportunity to pull back the curtain and let you all peek inside the NFB’s StereoLab. The StereoLab is an experimental project that does production as well as research and development into the medium of 3D. It has existed, in one form or