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Behind the Camera: The ABCs of Documentary Cinema


When I’m not blogging, my other job is to write content for the website. There are the usual movie descriptions, news items and suggested viewings, but on top of that, I also need to do some online gardening.

At the moment, I’m revising the taglines for our external promotional websites. I haven’t been here all that long (I started in October ’08), so I’m not as intimately familiar with all our products as many of my colleagues are. So imagine my great surprise (and giddiness) when I discovered our Behind the Camera site. It’s got so much information on documentary filmmaking it’s almost overwhelming.

From defining the term documentary to prep to shoot to editing to distribution, it covers almost every conceivable angle. There’s even a resource guide for teachers, showing them how to use this site in the classroom.

So, yes, I’m still interviewing people like a maniac and trying to get the posts out as quickly as I can, but for all of you who have been asking how to make docs and how to market them, this site is for you. Explore. Enjoy.

And let me know what you think.

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  1. The link is not working. I’m using IE and tried in Chrome as well.
    Tried to access both link on your blog and another older link I had in my course.

    — Jodie,
  2. In the link not working? Have tried multiple devices to no avail

    — Jessica,
  3. @Nicki – Nope. It’s working on this end. If you’re having trouble accessing the site, please send an email to including the browser and platform you’re using. Thanks!

  4. This link is not working now. Did they take it down?

    — Nicki,
  5. This is great, Julie! In combination with the Capturing Reality site, this should give aspiring filmmakers some real resources.

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