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Pete Clarkson Debris blog

Tsunami Debris Sparks Action and Creative Learning Opportunities for Students


Inspire your students by following artist Pete Clarkson in his effort to make sense of the tsunami debris washing up on the shores of Canada.


Digital Studio Reframes the Art of Portraiture


The notion of portrait gallery is cast in a new light in Bread and Kabul Portraits — a pair of interactive projects nearing completion at the NFB’s Vancouver-based Digital Studio. “No two interactives are alike,” says Loc Dao, executive producer of both projects. “The challenge is to see how technology can best serve any given


Discovering art through film


The following is a guest post from our former editor, Nancy Barr. oe Hi! I’m filling in for Carolyne Weldon this week. I worked at the NFB for 10 years so it’s good to be back. The news this week is filling my head with art. An oil painting by Kathleen Moir Morris just sold