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Caterpillarplasty | The Botched and the Beautiful


Discover Caterpillarplasty, a mesmerizing and meticulously crafted tale of body modification, medical technology and transcendence by David Barlow-Krelina.


Freaks of Nurture: Alexandra Lemay in the Dollhouse


Alexandra Lemay has a full line of creative hats in her artistic wardrobe — but ‘art director’ is one she wears with particular style and confidence. Currently at work on Freaks of Nurture, a new stop-motion animation inspired by her own unorthodox upbringing, she’s designed an extraordinary miniature set — a scaled down version of


Naked Island | PSAs for a New Era


Discover Naked Island, a series of 14 new super-short and incisive films that expose the dark underbelly of modern-day society.