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The Devil at Your Heels

Need for Speed | 3 Films About Stuntmen & Daredevils


“Why do you like jumping?” the interviewer asks Tom Barry, a young stunt driver who briefly appears in The Devil at Your Heels. “Psychiatrists have all sorts of theories and reasons, and whatnot,” he says from behind his aviator shades and fluffy blonde beard. “They say everything from people having masculinity complexes to suicidal tendencies.


You’re No Good: The Perils of Adolescence in 1965


In the history of the world, adolescence is about as recent an invention as penicillin. Pre-teenagers, everyone fell in either one of 2 categories: kid or adult. No in-betweens. Children were expected to work and apprentice alongside their parents as soon as they could, and to transition to adulthood whenever puberty came. Then, they were


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