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What is visual research, clearance and copyright – and why should you care?


The NFB, as one of Canada’s most prolific documentary producers, knows that the research, and visual research, invested in a project in the development stage is key to a strong, compelling documentary. Just about every film includes content – photo stills, footage and music – wherein rights need to be cleared before the film is more »

What goes into clearing rights for streaming films on

Although I have been part of the NFB web team since last Christmas, I recently realized I was still pretty hazy about the whole notion of internet rights. Why are we able to upload certain films for streaming, and not others? I figured if I wasn’t too sure how those things worked, others out there more »

How to sell your content on the Web


The following is a guest post by Marie-France Côté. While at IDFA, I attended a WDE (world doc exchange) seminar with Wendy Bernfeld of Rights Stuff. Raised in Montreal but based in Amsterdam, Bernfeld is a digital consultant and distributor. She covered a variety of highly interesting aspects of an as yet underexplored topic: the more »