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Stronghearted: Inside Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army


* This post was written by filmmaker Jodie Martinson When Evelyn was a kid, she had big dreams for her future, just like you and me. But she had other dreams, too—nightmares that she would be abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army rebels and stolen away from the future she had promised herself. In the more »

Meet Grace, Milly and Lucy… and learn the truth about child soldiers


Grace, Milly, Lucy… Child Soldiers (Trailer) by Raymonde Provencher, National Film Board of Canada Raymonde Provencher’s film Grace, Milly, Lucy… Child Soldiers will shock you. It exposes the little-known tragedy of child soldiers in Uganda, and explores how they can possibly live normal lives after being trained to become killing machines. The film screens at more »