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NFB Interactive productions at SXSW


The following is a guest post by Anne-Marie Lavigne. A look back at producer Hugues Sweeney’s live navigation session On March 16th, the interactive component of the very hot SXSW festival drew to a close. Each year, Austin, Texas welcomes the cream of industry professionals from far and wide for SXSW. Hugues Sweeney, French Program


The NFB and Mozilla to undertake joint exploration of HTML5


This year, the NFB is embarking on an adventure with a new partner, Mozilla, with the intent of exploring the many possibilities offered by HTML5. Joël Pomerleau, Director, Platform Development at the NFB, explains.


Documentary filmmaking from the inside out


Since I started this series, I’ve been asked a lot of questions about making documentary films, which makes sense considering the NFB is very fertile stomping ground for many well-known documentary filmmakers. In fact, I just completed an interview with Garry Beitel, who is about to begin editing The Socalled Movie, about his experiences in