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NFB Interactive productions at SXSW


The following is a guest post by Anne-Marie Lavigne. A look back at producer Hugues Sweeney’s live navigation session On March 16th, the interactive component of the very hot SXSW festival drew to a close. Each year, Austin, Texas welcomes the cream of industry professionals from far and wide for SXSW. Hugues Sweeney, French Program

ONF Mozilla_blogue

The NFB and Mozilla to undertake joint exploration of HTML5


This year, the NFB is embarking on an adventure with a new partner, Mozilla, with the intent of exploring the many possibilities offered by HTML5. Joël Pomerleau, Director, Platform Development at the NFB, explains.


Documentary filmmaking from the inside out


Since I started this series, I’ve been asked a lot of questions about making documentary films, which makes sense considering the NFB is very fertile stomping ground for many well-known documentary filmmakers. In fact, I just completed an interview with Garry Beitel, who is about to begin editing The Socalled Movie, about his experiences in


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