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Download and Own 5 Bill Mason Films for $0.99 Each

A talented naturalist, author, painter, filmmaker, and conservationist, Bill Mason (1929-1988) is one of those effortlessly awesome wilderness guys who make you proud to be living in such a majestic place as Canada… even if you’ve never paddled a canoe. Bill Mason’s Canada is full of rivers to explore, bush pilot friends to hang out with, and fierce animals to befriend


In the news: In Search of the Bowhead Whale


Last week environmentalists rejoiced as the Canadian government announced the first Bowhead Whale sanctuary in the Eastern Arctic. The Bowhead Whale, also known as Greenland Right Whale or Arctic Whale, was an early target for the whaling industry, and its population was severely depleted before a whaling moratorium was introduced in 1966. Mike Russil of