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5 Most Popular Films on

Have you noticed this button on our site? If so, join the others who have made good use of it over the past week. If not, it’s time to get on board. By hitting that button when you watch a film you’ve enjoyed, you can help recommend that film to other users.

Over the past week, the top five recommended films are The Log Driver’s Waltz, The Cat Came Back, Carts of Darkness, Blackfly and The Sweater. Aside from Carts of Darkness, these are all classic NFB animated shorts.

So, either everyone using the recommend button is an animation lover, or you’ve all used the news of our official launch to re-visit some old favourites. And that’s great. But your homework for next week is to discover a new gem – whether it be a new release or an old classic you’ve just never seen before.

Which other films do you like? Share them via the Comments section or, even better, get clicking!

To get you started, here’s a great little film from Yung Chang, director of the award-winning documentary Up the Yangtze.

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  1. At last, I’ve found the name . Please put “The Voyageurs” on line, been looking for this since I first saw/heard it 35-40 years age. My kids must see this
    I hope you have it on line soon.

    — nelson daniels,
  2. That’s it!! Thanks Julie – I’ve wondered about that for ages. Yes please add it to the request list!

  3. Such a great little film, Julie. I always love how a good documentary can change your mind, or just inform it, on a subject that you’ve never even actually encountered. I remember the Asian and Indian farms near Ottawa I use to drive by and now I wonder what the people who work there/own it are like- what are their hopes and dreams and frustrations? So strange that I can be moved to sympathy and respect for someone I don’t even know, and have so much difficulty dealing with my own family members……

    — Brian Heuvel,
  4. Thanks Julie! I wish I could tell you more about the song. The chorus went something like “j’entends la moule, tikka tikka takka”

    But I suspect that “I hear the mold” is not quite right!

  5. Ooh ya! I love Paddle to the Sea. Looking forward to it!

    There’s another one that I’d love to see but I can’t remember the name. It was on TV in the late 70s /early 80s and it was about the courier du bois. It had a catchy french folk song in it. Any ideas?

  6. Love all the classics on here. Please consider adding ‘Paddle To The Sea’. It is such a great story with wonderful visuals about the wooden canoe traversing Canada.

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