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Susan Wolf

Animator Susan Wolf on After Effects, Fluffy Clouds and Obsessive Tendencies


This is a guest post by Susan Wolf, one of 6 animators participating in this year’s Hothouse program, the NFB’s 12-week paid apprenticeship for emerging filmmakers. Today, I started animating the hero of my film, a small fluffy cloud. See, the plan is that each of my characters and elements will be shot against a more »


Hothouse 7: Soap Operas and Battlestar


The following is a guest post by Andrew Hicks. Here is a clip from a Skype screen share meeting Jelena Popovick and I had regarding my first animatic. Jelena, our super editor, goes through the animatic with fresh eyes and tells us what she interprets from the animatic. About 50 minutes in, we can’t help more »


Hothouse 7: Take That, Fat Cat!


The following is a guest post by Candace Couse. Today Jelena (editor) put together a presentation for the group on her role in our films. It was impressive to see how she transforms a story from something inexplicable to an ascertainable narrative that relays itself from start to finish. I was supposed to meet with more »