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20 Must-Read Blogs for Film Buffs


Films, like food, are one of those things that are almost as nice to take in as they are to read about (as opposed to say, falling in love or winning the lotto.)

How we use Social Media


Why does the NFB use social media? We just want people to know about our films. What is our Social Media strategy? Not so much of a “strategy”, really… We just talk about films through 4 channels: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs. Of course we talk about our films – but we also talk about more »

Chris Landreth blogging on The Spine website


Chris Landreth, animator/director of Ryan and The Spine, blogs about life, work and travel on The Spine’s blog.

5 Great Blogs by Filmmakers


  Objectified by Gary Hustwit Gary Hustwit (Helvetica) is great at creating interesting conversation during the lull of preproduction and production and then using the blog to generate awareness of festival screenings once the film is released theatrically. He’s really tapped into his community and knows how to keep them invested until his next project. more »

Bloggers Put Obomsawin and McLaren on Their Top 10 Lists


The holidays are just around the corner and bloggers everywhere are compiling their top 10 lists. Art Threat, a blog about politics and the arts, included two NFB titles among their favourite things. Both Norman McLaren – The Master’s Edition and Roadsworth: Crossing the Line came in at number 9. Roadsworth will be available on more »