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“Canada Carries On” and the postwar years: the National Film Board in transition


What happens to wartime propaganda when the war is over? Revisit the NFB’s post-1945 productions in the “Canada Carries On” series, which aimed to inspire, inform, and entertain Canadians in a particularly Canadian way.

Nobody Waved Good-bye

The best of the best: must-watch NFB films from our online collection


Not sure what to watch? Get to know your friendly public film producer with the best films we’ve made over our 75-year history. No lemons here! Only the best of the best.

Ryan (2004)

Let the games begin: the NFB at the Oscars


Glitz and glamour, sure—but the real stars of the Oscars are the films themselves, and we’ve got a history of Oscar-winning NFB productions to prove it!


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