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Enter the urban jungle: watch 5 films on the cities of the world


The cinema and cities are natural partners. Get to know the world’s most dynamic metropolises in 5 riveting films.


The Quiet Racket: Getting in Touch with Nature


Are you fed up with living in the city? Is the noise getting to you? Wish you could escape to the country for the weekend? Pack up and go camping, or leave it all behind and just go for a ride? Be careful what you wish for, because it might come true. This is the


The NFB’s Highrise project unveils its new interactive web documentary, Out My Window


Note: This post was written by guest blogger and director Kat Cizek. It will also appear at the IDFA DocLab blog. *** Today we launch our major NFB HIGHRISE project, OUT MY WINDOW: Interactive Views from the Global Highrise. Here it is. One of the world’s first 360 degree documentaries, delivered entirely on the web.


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