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Bear 71 VR: Google and the NFB Partner to Expand the World of Virtual Reality Storytelling


The NFB has partnered with Google to turn Bear 71 into a virtual reality experience which is available for free online as Bear 71 VR.


NFB “Crashes” VR Party at Sundance


Nobody is really sure where Virtual Reality is going — but it’s sure going there fast. What was a futuristic novelty only a few short years ago is now poised to enter the consumer market in a major way. Google has already sold millions of its low-cost VR headset, and a growing range of more


A Cardboard Revolution


Sometimes, technology takes such a massive leap forward that it starts looking like magic. Sometimes, the revolutionary element is obvious — think “iPhone launch” — but other times, the revolution is much more discreet. May 2014: Without much ado, Google launches their Google Cardboard module. The idea is quite simple: these days, almost everyone has