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Friday Staff Pick | Go Behind The Music with Lonely Boy

Anyone who’s studied film will probably agree when I say: in every class, no matter what the topic, there’s always one film that sticks with you and that makes you fall in love with a genre or a director. Up to that point, I had fallen for a lot of different fiction titles but I never really cared for documentaries. However, this all changed when I fell for a NFB doc about a singing Canuck heartthrob.


Need film recommendations? We’ve got you covered.


Ever feel like your favourite streaming service just isn’t making the right recommendations for you? Check out our helpful list for a Canadian twist to your movie consumption!


Time Travel Tuesday: head back to the 1960s with 5 black-and-white gems


Ah, the romance of an era long gone. Take a tour through a sumptuous selection of stylish, seductive, and sonorous black-and-white films from the 1960s. It’ll almost feel like you were there…


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