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Harry Mayerovitch | Meet the man behind the NFB’s most beautiful propaganda posters

Meet painter, architect, caricaturist, accordion player, poet, author and brilliant World War II NFB poster designer Harry Mayerovitch (1910-2004.)


Eye Candy: 7 Psychedelic NFB Posters


Check out these eye-bending and mind-twisting psychedelic NFB posters from days gone by. Optical illusions! Pop art! The excitement never ends!

Wings on her shoulder_blogue

Rare NFB war films to screen at the Canadian Center for Architecture


As many of you know, the National Film Board played a central role during World War II. Created in 1939, a few months before the hostilities began, the NFB fell headlong into the production and distribution of wartime films. Though its original mandate was to “educate Canadians and foster national unity”, propaganda and news production


EyeSteelFilm salutes the NFB


One of our co-producing partners, EyeSteelFilm (Up the Yangtze, RiP! A Remix Manifesto), created this poster as a tribute to our 70th anniversary. I think it’s pretty cool. Thanks, guys!


Theodore Ushev and the Ottawa International Animation Festival Poster


The gloves come off as bloggers, art critics, artists and teachers take sides on the issue of what constitutes art.


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