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Music Has the Right to Children


“Film is the medium to express my feelings about music.” – Norman McLaren Our sense of hearing is essential to our everyday lives, yet the rich world of sound that surrounds us is often ignored. We are immersed in a steady stream of audio information that frequently goes unnoticed. For educators taking a multimedia approach to teaching,


3 films to celebrate World Listening Day


A couple weeks back, a person who commented on a film on alerted us to the existence of World Listening Day. (By the way we really love it when you guys comment on our films. Please do keep it up.) I, for one, had never heard of World Listening Day but I soon learned


How to create sound for a 1-minute animated short

The following is a guest post from Fred Casia. The sound composition for my Hothouse 6 film, Marvin Parson’s Inner Wild Wilderness, has always been a huge component, but in my mind it was never one specific aesthetic or approach. My inspirations were definitive, but flexible in its application which I felt was important to