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Flash William

Flash William: A One-Man Movie Industry


One of the greatest aspects of my job is that I get to see pretty much every NFB film ever made. There is no better feeling than discovering a long-lost film in our vaults and making it available to the general public. Years ago, I ran across a little jewel about a one-man film industry more »

The Days Before Christmas

Pre-Christmas Madness, Montreal, 1958

Christmas came exceptionally early for me this year. I was in Haiti at the end of November, and Christmas was in full sway there, already. (Haiti is, amongst other things, fervently Christian.) Businesses, from gas stations to restaurants, were decorated with every manner of artificial fir branches laden with fake snow and shiny ornaments. On more »

Tourist Go Home

Tourist Go Home: Vacationing in Canada circa 1959


Summer has arrived in Canada once again. Time to plan your vacation. Will it be a trip overseas? A beach vacation in the Caribbean? A week at the cottage? Or maybe it’s time to pack up the car and head out to a part of Canada you haven’t seen before. Just be wary of rude more »

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Theatrical shorts at the NFB: Cornet at Night


Once upon a time in movie theatres across North America, a short film (or two) would precede the main feature. Sadly, this practice has gone the way of the dinosaur. The screening of shorts in Canadian theatres existed as late as the 1970s. We can still occasionally see a cartoon short before the feature but more »