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Watch 6 Short Films from the 8th Edition of Hothouse


Every year, come early spring, 6 hand-picked animators descend upon the NFB to participate in Hothouse, the NFB’s program for emerging Canadian filmmakers. Though the “12-week paid apprenticeship in full-on professional animation filmmaking” can be the opportunity of a lifetime, creating an animated short from scratch in 3 months undoubtedly makes for an exhilarating, disheveling

Susan Wolf

Animator Susan Wolf on After Effects, Fluffy Clouds and Obsessive Tendencies


This is a guest post by Susan Wolf, one of 6 animators participating in this year’s Hothouse program, the NFB’s 12-week paid apprenticeship for emerging filmmakers. Today, I started animating the hero of my film, a small fluffy cloud. See, the plan is that each of my characters and elements will be shot against a


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