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Engagé! 21 NFB titles at Hot Docs 2018


While distinct from each other in style and subject, the five new features that the NFB is sending to Hot Docs this year share a common ethical approach to documentary cinema — one in which filmmakers take time to build authentic relationships with subjects and communities, and to unearth the subtleties of the complex and


3 NFB Interactive Projects You Might Have Missed


We had a busy year in our digital studios last year, and we have no reason to believe this year will be any different. As we wait for 2018’s projects to launch, here are three new interactive experiences you can enjoy right now.


Addiction is a Disease and it’s Damn Difficult to Treat


Addiction is terrifying. There are few things that can so rapidly destroy one’s family, career, and entire life as an addiction. In looking through our collection, we pulled 5 films that took different approaches to addiction and encourage new ways of thinking.