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Ariel Nasr Unspools Afghanistan’s Forbidden Reel


The headquarters of Afghan Film occupy unassuming premises, one of many bullet-scared structures in central Kabul, with little indicating its vital role in Afghanistan’s cultural history. Yet it was from this modest two-story building that ‘Engineer’ Latif Ahmadi and his peers brought forth a vibrant cinema culture in one of the most underdeveloped societies on


Digital Studio Reframes the Art of Portraiture


The notion of portrait gallery is cast in a new light in Bread and Kabul Portraits — a pair of interactive projects nearing completion at the NFB’s Vancouver-based Digital Studio. “No two interactives are alike,” says Loc Dao, executive producer of both projects. “The challenge is to see how technology can best serve any given


Need film recommendations? We’ve got you covered.


Ever feel like your favourite streaming service just isn’t making the right recommendations for you? Check out our helpful list for a Canadian twist to your movie consumption!


3 Ways to Watch The Boxing Girls of Kabul Today

* The Boxing Girls of Kabul is now available in DVD and DTO (download to own) format. You may also rent it for 48 hours. Of Afghanistan, we are much more used to seeing images like the ones that opens Ariel Nasr’s feature doc than the ones that follow. It starts like this. In Kabul’s


Great Fall for Film in Canada’s Public Libraries


The NFB Film Club has just announced its autumn program and it looks like libraries from coast to coast are poised for a fun and film-filled fall. The Film Club is a program that make the NFB’s film collection accessible to Canadian public libraries. For Fall 2012, it is offering an exciting selection of documentaries