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Theoidore Ushev

Theodore Ushev, artist-in-residence, on creation, destruction, McLaren, and working in public


Experience the talent, provocation, and iconoclasm in award-winning animator Theodore Ushev’s work, as he prepares for a live-work residency in Quebec City.


Chris Landreth’s New Film—And More!—Online for a Limited Time


Hot off the presses: check out three of our latest and greatest short animations.


Watch 5 Mesmerizing Shorts Starring Geometric Shapes


Check out these 5 geometry-inspired works by renowned NFB animators. They’re short, colourful, and mesmerizing! What more could you want? Start watching now.


3D: Stereoscopy for Dummies


This post originally appeared in French on the blog. *** Marc Bertrand, a producer at the NFB’s Animation and Youth Studio, gave two master workshops on stereoscopy, also called 3D imaging, on March 8, 2013 at the Phi Centre during the Montreal International Children’s Film Festival (FIFEM). Marc has produced 6 animated films in more »