Watch Now | The 5 Short Project Is Back!


We’re thrilled to announce you can now watch the second edition of films from our 5 Short Project online, for free! The first edition can be found here.

Each edition, we challenge up-and-coming Quebec filmmakers to show us a part of their community (in under 10 minutes), while also tacking on a technical requirement for filming. This edition, they all had to use a black and white Digital Bolex camera to film their shorts.

Check out their films below!

Stone Makers

Stone Makers, Jean-Marc E. Roy, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

This film was nominated for Best Short Documentary at the 2017 Canadian Screen Awards! A routine workday in a granite quarry turns surreptitiously into a captivating industrial symphony. While men work in the background, different equipment and machines perform for the camera as if they are individual dancers in a contemporary ballet.

Watch an interview with filmmaker Jean-Marc E. Roy here.

One Night

One Night, Serge Bordeleau, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

A night in a bar like any other… Deftly capturing furtive glances, moments of euphoria and awkward situations, Serge Bordeleau blends tools borrowed from fiction filmmaking with documentary observation to construct a gallery of characters who provide undeniable proof that every night holds a myriad potential stories.

Watch an interview with filmmaker Serge Bordeleau here.

A Good Harvest

A Good Harvest, Bogdan Stefan, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

In a rural setting, the bleeding of a pig is depicted plainly, as an autumn ritual. A just and moving tribute to the handing down of actions that, shared across families and generations, also perpetuate true social solidarity.

Watch an interview with filmmaker Bogdan Stefan here.


Help! , Noémie Payant-Hébert, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

Lifeguards run down the beach and dive into the ocean to save swimmers from drowning. These dramatic rescues are captured by a hyperactive, spinning camera that becomes one with the elements and challenges how subjective a documentary may be.

Watch an interview with filmmaker Noémie Payant-Hébert here.


Dialogue(s), Philippe David Gagné, provided by the National Film Board of Canada

Air force pilots, a heavy metal band and two fans of modified cars are the unlikely focus of a deadpan film essay on language. Through a clever, unpredictable edit, Philippe David Gagné takes great delight in revealing the strange ways that men communicate.

Watch an interview with filmmaker Philippe David Gagné here.