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Carolyne Weldon is a Montreal-based writer and photographer. Raised in the woods by parents who strongly believed in yoga camp, TV-deprivation and seaweed-based desserts, she left home to study linguistics and anthropology. Soon shelving the vague dream of saving the world’s endangered languages she fell headlong into compulsive travel, developing an unusual love for Turkey, the Arctic and pickup truck road trips. Carolyne holds a post-graduate degree in journalism, a great cover for her deep-rooted penchant for talking to strangers. She loves owls, all things coconut, bass-heavy music and the colour turquoise. Contact Carolyne Weldon at

Get Animated!

Until November 30th, Get Animated! on


From October 28 to November 30, Get Animated! on Animation lovers rejoice: our annual animation celebration is back. Celebrating International Animation Day (October 28), Get Animated! returns with a vengeance this year with a full month of free animation including premieres, new releases and more. For the 2013 edition, we decided to try something more »


On Track: NFB Train Films in Pictures


In celebration of all things locomotive, check out these archival photos and illustrations taken from some of the NFB’s essential train films. You can watch many of these films for free online at


Watch 5 Mesmerizing Shorts Starring Geometric Shapes


Check out these 5 geometry-inspired works by renowned NFB animators. They’re short, colourful, and mesmerizing! What more could you want? Start watching now.

A Matter of Fat

A Matter of Fat: Inside the Cruel and Unusual Crash Diets of the 1960s


Diets have long thrived at the intersection of desperation and gullibility. Check out these alternately hilarious and disturbing films about crash diets.

I Was a Ninety-pound Weakling

In the Flesh: Watch I Was a Ninety-pound Weakling on


This intriguing and at times hilarious vintage film suggests tactics for “beefing up”, living long, and living strong. Suggesting that our sedentary lives are killing us, I Was A Ninety-Pound Weakling offers some particularly mid-20th-century solutions for success.


Vimeo Exclusives | Discover 5 Little-Known Experimental Shorts

Dive in to the NFB’s exclusive collection of experimental short films hosted on Vimeo. These mind-bending films will leave you feeling exhilirated!


Hand in Hand: Watch 2 Films about Our Quintessential Tool


Discover Donald Winkler’s In Praise of Hands and Faces of the Hand, by Tamás Wormser: 2 evocative docs about our quintessential tool.

Whistling Smith

Freeze! Watch 2 Gritty Cop Flicks on


Check out Station 10 and Whistling Smith, 2 gritty cop films about Canadian crooks and the policemen who chase after them.

Hot Stuff

Playing With Fire: Watch Zlatko Grgić’s Hot Stuff on


Enjoy a hilarious reminder of the perils of playing with fire with this short cartoon by celebrated Croatian animator Zlatko Grgić.

Survival in the Bush

Watch the Grandpa of All Survival Shows: Survival in the Bush


Watch Survival in the Bush, a short 1954 film that shows how a little basic woodlore can save a man’s life when marooned in the wilderness.

We Were Children

We Were Children: Reactions from Residential School Survivors and Other Viewers


Discover powerful comments left by Residential School survivors and other viewers after watching our 2012 film, We Were Children.


Freedom Flyers: Ishu Patel’s Paradise


Discover this richly-illustrated Ishu Patel animated short about birds, beauty, gilded captivity and the true cost of freedom.